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3P, Inc.
The P
rint Productivity Professionals

 Company Background

Founded in 1991 as a general printing and printing equipment consulting practice, 3P has developed a specialty of working with web printers seeking special equipment to meet evolving print market requirements.  Most often, a major element of the market requirements is increased make-ready productivity to profitably produce reduced run lengths. In many cases new equipment represents “overkill” and presents unacceptable return on investment challenges.  Increasingly we find that upgraded--perhaps remanufactured, reconfigured, used equipment--satisfies the printer's market requirements and provides investment returns well above 100% new systems.

Who we are

Dick Holliday, Paul Desjardins Martin Kreckel and have extensive experience in the web offset press industry. 

Dick has spent the majority of his career in executive positions with HARRIS and MAN Roland. 

Martin has worked for MAN Roland and Baldwin in Europe and the United States.

All share the belief that web press rooms need to be equipped and managed differently to remain profitable on shorter run, specialized (niche marketing) printing opportunities.  3P’s job is to help printers maintain and improve their pressroom profitability and ROI.

Reengineered and remanufactured M-1000 printing unit. Rated speed 2000 feet per minute.